Trials HD Debut Gameplay Trailer


Trials HD is a full-scale, physics-based motorcycle racing game for XBLA coming this summer!!!!


Greatest Hits... and Misses


We've assembled the most brutal crashes and some of the sweetest tricks from Trials HD into one must-see highlight reel. The video is introduced by our friends Brandon DiCamillo and Rake Yohn, who along with Art Webb created the voiceovers for the game.


The Secrets of Trials HD


Think you know everything there is to know about Trials HD? Think again! Just in time for Halloween, RedLynx has released The Secrets of Trials HD, a short, somewhat frightening, video that showcases just a few of the secrets hidden within the game, some of which most players have never been seen before. And squirrels - there's something about squirrels...


Big Thrills Arrives


Thrill for more Trials HD! This second DLC for the award-winning Xbox LIVE Arcade game includes 40 all new tracks, including the 10 best user-created tracks from the Big Thrills contest. There are also 3 new achievements you can unlock for 50 more Gamerscore. With more than one million copies sold, it's time to try Trials and see why this was voted the number one Xbox LIVE Arcade game by Xbox 360 fans just like you!


RLTV - Special - Big Thrills Contest Winners


It's a special episode of RedLynx TV, as your host Cannibal Shogun shows you all ten of the winning tracks from Big Thrills Track Creator Challenge! These tracks are included in the Big Thrills DLC release, available in December 2010.