Tutorial 31: Building a Super Cross Track

Make some multiplayer madness for your friends...or the world



In this lesson we will discuss building a supercross track. There are a few differences between making super cross and regular trials tracks so let’s take a look to see what’s up.


To make a supercross track, in the editor hit the start button and scroll down to track settings. From there open the Game Mode sub-menu, then move the “Game Type” slider all the way over to “Supercross.” As you make the selection you will get a warning informing you of many of the big differences.


As you can see the full feature set is not available when building supercross tracks.You cannot apply dynamic physics to objects and any tools that are associated with dynamic physics are not available. You also cannot use triggers, events and anything else in that category. Any of the objects that are excluded from supercross will not be available in the new object selection menu.


Our next three game mode settings, Difficulty, Allowed Bikes & Track Description are all options we had in the basic track setting tutorial.


The final setting here is “driving line gap.” In supercross there are 4 driving lines, one for each player. This setting will change the distance between each driving line.


In the editor we also have another difference. You will notice that there are two cameras. The blue camera is like the normal game camera and is used for online play, the red camera that is higher up and further away is for local multiplayer. When you are testing you can switch between these two cameras by clicking in on the right stick.


When building supercross tracks it is fairly important to make sure all the driving lines are the same. It is very tempting to create paths that are different but if players feel like one path has an advantage over another they may not enjoy playing it. Nobody likes to feel cheated in a multiplayer game.


The editor cannot calculate differences in ramps, hills or other objects on the driving line, however if the line curves it does recognize that the line on the inside of the curve is now shorter and checkpoints that come after the curve will reflect this by adjusting where they are on each line.


Finally when testing your supercrosstrack it’s a good idea to test all four driving lines. At any point during a test run you can use up and down on the d-pad to switch lanes.