Tutorial 30: Advanced Checkpoint

You can also use Check Points as Triggers!



The last lesson was a bit of a doozy so I saved an easy one to follow it. In this lesson we will talk about checkpoints in the Pro Editor. There only a few differences but they can prove to be really handy ones so let’s check them out.


-First, in the pro editor checkpoints can also be used as triggers. With the “Trigger Enabled” checkbox you can use the “select event/filter” option to choose an event or filter just as you would with a trigger. Now when the rider passes this checkpoint it will send an impulse to the event or filter you selected.


-We can also choose to make a custom respawn point. This will allow you to set how the rider resets to that checkpoint instead of just placing him on the ground as it normally would. You’ll see when the box is checked we get a new icon in the editor that appears under the rider. We can either select this icon using “select custom respawn” or simply by backing out of the properties menu and grabbing it with the cursor.


The custom respawn has to stay in line with the checkpoint and on the driving line so we can only move it up or down, and of course the bike must stay parallel with the driving line so we can only rotate it on one axis. Now when the rider resets to this checkpoint he will start at the position of this custom respawnpoint.


So there you go, a quick lesson on some extra features in the checkpoint.