Tutorial 23: Object Events

Close to Trigger Options from Trials HD, get the most out of your Objects!



The events we will cover in this lesson can all be used to manipulate objects, some can be used with many objects some only with specific ones, let’s run down the list.


-First we have the break event. This event can be used to break any breakable object in the game like explosives or wood boxes you can check out the info provided about each object in the new object menu to determine if it is breakable or not. Our only new property in here is “select event targets” use this to select which objects you would like to break.


-Next is the “camera event” as the name suggests this event is used to activate cameras. “Select camera” is our only new option here. Use it to choose which camera the event will activate. With the camera event you can only choose one camera.


-You can use the “color event” to change the color of any colorable object. This one has a few options in the properties to look at.

            -First “color” will bring up the color picker so you can choose what color the object will change to.

            -The “reset in checkpoint restart” will return the target object to its original color if the rider resets to a checkpoint.

            -And of course “select event targets” brings up the cursor so you can select which objects are going to be recolored.


-We’ll look at the “effect event” next. This event is used to activate effects. The properties in here are all ones we’ve seen before but we’ll take a quick look.

            -“Type” is the off, on and toggle options. We also have the reset in checkpoint checkbox and of course “select event targets” is how you choose the effects that you want to activate.


-Next we have the “light event” which is obviously used to affect lights, let’s see how.

            -Light event types are the off, on and toggle options. Next you have the option to change the color of the light, this is the color of the light emitted not the light source for that a normal color event would do. With the “change light color” checkbox checked the “light color” option opens up and that takes you to the color picker so you can choose the new color of the light. The rest of the properties here should be starting to look familiar.


-So we’ll move on to the “physics events.” This event is course used to activate or deactivate physics on any object that can have physics properties. All of the properties are ones we’ve already covered.


-The “sound event” is next. We should be starting to recognize a bit of a pattern here, the sound event activates or deactivates the sound sources and has the same type, reset and selection properties we’ve seen in a number of events now.


-The “variation event” is used to change the variation of any object with variations and we do have a few differences with how this event works. First there is no type, it always does the same thing, change a variation, so in type’s place is variation and this will be tied to whatever object you are affecting so if you have no object selected there will be no options here, but select and an object with variations and this slider will adjust to have the same number of choices as that object has variations. With that in mind this event can also only be used with one object type at a time. So for example if you want to change the variation on some metal barrels you can point it to all the metal barrels you want to change, but if you also want to change the variation on some wood boxes you will need a second variation event for those.


-Finally our last event in this lesson is the “visibility event” used to change the visibility of objects. Again we get mostly the same properties here. The only difference is that instead of on, off and toggle the types are visible, invisible and toggle.