Community Videos!


We're hosting your AMAZING Trials-Inspired videos here. Make sure not to steal music from someone else, and make a post on the RedLynx Forum. We'll paste your creation to our Community Videos page!


Akamikeb's TETS: Typically NSFW


Twitter funny-guy (and self-proclaimed "Donkey Master") akamikeb dishes out new TETS (Trials Evolution TuesdayS) every Tuesday. Bet you weren't expecting that part. He may use language that children don't need to hear (in every episode) but he can be funny. You can find all of his T.E.T.S. right here.


Trials Files by Achievement Hunter


The Achievement Hunter crew dishes out Trials Files every week. That means you get to hear them talk about a track EVERY. WEEK. What's not to like? You can check out all of the great Achievement Hunter videos on their YouTube channel, which is linked here.


T4KShadow's "Trials Evolution Trailer/Trials HD Tribute v3"


Forum Regular T4KShadow made our eyes feel a bit leaky with this emotional fan-made Trials video. To T4K, we give our thanks. See you in Trials Evolution, sir!


ampedtrials Channel


Amped has playlists for "High Quality Ninja Tracks, Trials Evolution remakes of Trials HD Tracks, and a section for "Innovative Skill Games". His playlists are a bit out-dated, so I'll link to ampedtrials main video page which is home to over 120+ Trials track videos.


TEvoCustoms Channel


Featuring over 100 different tracks from various Trials Evolution track makers this channel is well on it's way to being a spotlight for those looking for high quality Trials Evolution tracks. Tracks are even broken up into Easy/Medium, Hard, and Extreme playlists. You can check out the channel here.


Morphyboy's "Trials Evolution Video Montage"


RedLynx forum regular Morfyboy has been putting out quite a few videos featuring Community tracks, but he didn't use a cell phone to record gameplay this time (his own words).